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Belinda and Ellie are extremely proud to be part of the Anerley and Penge community and the magazine is a fantastic source of information about all things SE20 related for local residents and businesses alike. Over the years, they have also built a strong presence on both Facebook and Twitter. This not only enables them to communicate with the people of SE20 but is also a great help in their ongoing promotion of SE20 to the wider community. There are a wealth of great businesses and events in Anerley and Penge and SE20 Community magazine is an excellent vehicle for making sure that people get to hear about them. Over 3000 copies of the magazine are delivered to local residents and businesses each month. The magazine is widely read and used by local residents and the feedback they give us is that they are keen to support local businesses and see the local economy grow. Click here for full media pack and here is our rate card.

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