‘You are doing a great job Belinda and Eloise!’

I had known for a long time that I needed a greater social media presence but I had never had enough time, nor to be honest, enough inclination to get to grips with it myself. As luck would have it, I met Belinda from SE20 Magazine through the business women's group  'Laptops and Lipstick’. My decision to take the plunge and ask Belinda and Eloise to take care of ‘Hypnokids’ took me a little while as I wrestling with my concerns such as ‘Would they be able to strike the right note or provide the right information? Could anybody else do that except me?’ It was so important to get it right.

Well, the answer was a resounding 'yes'! They have done a great job over the past two years using their own initiative and picking up on topical and relevant issues while at the same time keeping within the original brief.

They have been good at extracting and building on information from my website and various other places.

Above all in their Facebook posts and Tweets they have managed to adopt just the right tone. So thanks Belinda and Eloise .... You are doing a great job!

Lynda Hudson, Clinical Hypnotherapist